Food Processing - Business Plans

Africa produces enormous amounts of tomatoes. However, without cost efficient processing into high quality tomato products most of these tomatoes will spoil. Two ways of processing are really cost efficient: tomato paste and sun-dried tomatoes. We have developed a business plan for the production of tomato paste. It can be used in any tomato growing region. Its capacity is about 1,000 tons of fresh tomatoes.

Africa imports large amounts of milk powder from other continents. Consumers either dilute this milk powder at home into milk or buy it in a processed form such as yogurt. The import of milk powder is a considerable expense for each country and also creates a dependency on the import of fertilizers, chicken feed and leather. All the jobs that are associated to these industries are located in the milk producing countries instead of an African country.

The consumption of mushrooms as ingredient in meals increases worldwide. For many consumers they serve as replacements of meat or as a source of a special taste that can otherwise not be achieved. Mushrooms play a special role in the food production chain. They do not require soil but grow on substrates made from waste such as manure, straw and sawdust. To make mushrooms storable and easy to transport dehydration is best.