Crop Production

DEULA - Nienburg

For more than 80 years the DEULA-Nienburg has been your experienced partner in staff training. Our seminars offer you a "boost" of new ideas, they show you efficient ways to save money and give you an opportunity to be successful in the future.


We are the Heavy Duty Company with a passion for service and technology in and around agricultural and industrial vehicles, gardening and municipal technology, construction machinery and spare parts.


For over 35 years we have been producing high quality film greenhouses and are among the leading producers of greenhouses. Our website contains all the information concerning film greenhouse construction.


For more than 45 years we have been a leading company worldwide for first class products based on aquatic fulvic acid and leonardite based humic acids. We are proud of our long years of experience in the field of applied humic acids research and our product developments for agriculture, environment and industry.


Swedru, Ghana, develops an organic mushrooms farm for button mushrooms grown in modern growth chambers using a mix of sawdust, chicken manure and humic acids as substrate. Mushrooms will be sliced and dried, and will sold to restaurants, hotels, and retailers in Ghana, African neighbors and Europe.