Crop Production

All food begins with growing a crop in fields, in orchards, in greenhouses or vertical farming. Plants need soil, nutrients, water, sunlight and warmth. We support farmers of all crops on all continents in improving their farming methods so that the harvest can be sold for a profit.

Crop Protection

All forms of agriculture are mono-culture when you are as small as an insect, a pathogen, a weed or a nematode. These organisms compete with people for the plants that farmers grow. That is why farmers need to protect crops they plant. Gently but efficiently. We help 

Crop Certification

When foods travel around the world, are processed, mixed and packaged, traders, retailers and consumers no longer know who produced what, where and how. That is why many companies have developed certification programs that verify if farmers apply best farming methods. We support farmers in obtaining GlobalG.A.P. certification so that they can market their produce around the world.

Crop Tracking

Processors, retailers and consumers want to know where their foods come from, who grew it, shipped it, processed it, packaged it, shipped it again and stored it. How long was it stored, where and how? We can not stick barcodes on each and every bean but we can trace the crates that the beans were transported in from the fields to the  packing houses. We can help you with that.

Food Processing

The best way to preserve food is to process it. Foods can be dried, cooked, fried, crushed, pressed, milled and mixed. Doing it right is a question of hygienic working conditions, minimizing loss at peeling and chopping, saving energy and worker safety. We help you with that.

Food Packaging

Processed foods have to be packaged. Packaging has to fit the content that can be liquid, powdered, creamy, hard, dry or greasy. Packaging has to fit the amount that the customer wants to buy. Packaging has to be recyclable and has to open easily. We help you with that.

Food Labeling

Foods have to be labelled to inform of consumers. Labels should look attractive to catch the attention of the buyer. Labels have to identify the processor, the ingredients, the nutritional facts of the content, the packaging and the expiry dates, the volume of the content, the address of the producer and a bar code to track the package and its content. We help you with that.

Food Logistics

Processed foods are shipped like any other goods. Contrary to fresh foods processed and packaged foods do not require cooling or freezer trucks or containers but can be transported along with other objects that can be shipped in regular containers. The challenge is the expiry date of the products. Storage time should be left for warehousing rather than shipping. We help you with that.

Border Control

When foods cross county borders, the Authorities have to follow rules and regulations that comply with international law. What differs is the paperwork, some of the coding and language. Moving foods across the world becomes a lot simpler with experience. We will help!


in Europe, African foods are almost exclusively sold in African shops and African restaurants. KAYA-KAYO aims to reach all German consumers through mainstream retailers and all restaurants. We trigger the interest with gift boxes, on fairs and on local markets.


KAYA-KAYO encourages importers and producers of African foods to bring a change to German food markets. Today, people who are German(+) do not find what they are looking for and young people look for something else than German(.). The space on a market is affordable and can be paid on a daily base. We help you with that.


All business activities come with a load of administrative obligations that underlay all other activities (inventory, invoices, taxes, customer management, etc.). Administration does not create an income but is on ongoing expense. Therefore, it is important that Administration is optimized and well coordinated. KAYA-KAYO helps you with that.